Saturday, June 4, 2011

Craft Complete: DIY Craft for Learning to Tie Shoe Laces

I have been trying to think of fun ways to help my daughter learn to tie her shoes.
If we just sit and try with a pair she has on, she gets very frustrated and gives up. (She is extremely hard on herself - the type of person, already at five, that wants to understand and do everything correct.)

In an effort to make the learning process more casual and fun, we did this craft together to help her learn to tie her shoes.

What you'll need:
A piece of cardboard or heavy cardstock.
I broke down a shoebox we had in our recycle bin already. You could also use a cereal box or something along those lines.
Markers or Crayons for Decorating
1 Shoelace

First I cut the sides off the shoebox, making a nice rectangular piece.

The backside gave us a white surface to use for the project. :)

Using my very best artist skills *ahem* I drew the outline of a shoe.

I then let her go to town decorating and color. Her favorite part!

When she was finished coloring, I punched the holes for the shoe laces.
I was originally going to use my hole puncher but it wouldn't fit so I just poke through with the end of my scissor to make the holes.

I then strung the shoe lace through just like a regular shoe.

She actually sat for a good 15 minutes practicing and try to get it after we made the 'shoe'.
This picture was her completing it all by herself!! *high five for Haley*

I even caught her this morning while making breakfast practicing on it again. :)


  1. You could always *cough* trace a shoe *cough cough.* Nice work though!

  2. Oh for sure you could trace! :)
    I actually considered that but my shoe was too big and hers was smaller than I wanted.
    I think it turned out just fine though. Thanks for your comments! :)

  3. Hi Keeley! I got to know about your blog at Scrumptious Bento on her Giveaway post. Nice to know you, a beautiful mom of a beautiful daughter! I love her smile, so sweet and lovely! :D
    Well done Haley! You did it and I'm happy for you (although I don't really know you, but still I'm happy that you can do it! ^.^)

  4. Oh, I have been looking for something like this for my son...thanks

  5. I had 3 kids learn to tie their shoes and it was never this fun. LOL. Maybe that's why they wore velcro shoes for so long? This is great Keeley!

  6. I am definitely going to make these with my kinders. Thanks for sharing.

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