Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Tuesday's Princess Bento

Tuesday's Princess Bento:

Sandwich cutout with my princess crown stainless cutter, sliced hardboiled egg, watermelon also cutout with the princess crown, a few chips, and two of her chocolate chip gluten-free/peanut-free cookies we made this weekend. (Not pictured: Fruitables Juice Box.)

I was so happy to find that Rubbermaid Take-Alongs now makes rectangular containers WITH dividers!

I snagged a pack of three for $2.19. Perfect for fitting all of her lunch inside AND it fits perfectly inside her lunch box container to keep is cool and protected. :)

Also, these are the cookies we made ^ Cherrybrook Kitchen's Chocolate Chip Cookies - They are not only peanut free but gluten free, dairy free, egg free, nut free, & wheat free as well. They are delicious to be so 'free'! ;)


  1. Looks good Mom!
    I am following you via Take Three Tuesday Blog Hop. Please come visit if you get the time.


  2. For some reason I can't pull up your FB page.


  3. Thanks for the comments and for following! :)
    I'll be sure to check yours out too.

    Hmm, not sure what might be wrong with the FB link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Kalamazoo-Michigan/Keeley-McGuire-Blog/203511969693492

  4. Just started jumping around your blog. To keep the eggs/cheese/meat cool till lunch do you just put in an insulated lunch box or use a cool pack?

  5. Hi Jodi & Justin! Yes to both :)

    Cool packs and/or an insulated lunch box. If I include a frozen yogurt or something for snack or with her lunch, it also acts as a cooler pack but it still cold (but thawed) by lunch time.
    Hope this helps!


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