Monday, May 30, 2011

Craft Complete: DIY Crayon Redo

What do you do with all the broken crayons your kids have? Throw them away, right?
Here's  simple and fun DIY Craft for upcycling all those broken crayons!

I started collecting my daughters and have a baggy full.
You'll also need a silicon muffin pan - any shape & size :) obviously the more fun the shapes, the better!

Preheat over to 230 degrees.

Peel the wrappers off the broken crayon bit and fill the pan.
(I only did two for my first go around to make sure it would work okay.)

Place in the oven for 15-20 minutes.
They crayons should be completely melted making a liquid mixture.

After they are melted, take out of the oven and let them completely cool.

Here are my finished crayons!

A fun crayon with multiple colors as she colors!

You can obviously fill each one with alike colors to make one solid new crayon, I chose the rainbow touch. :)
My daughter LOVES them!
(In fact, I had to keep her from purposely trying to break her normal crayons... lol)


  1. Did you have a problem with paraffin build-up on top? Less of an issue with Crayola though. More with those cheap restaurant freebie crayons. I hear an ice bath for cooling helps prevent that. No clue how to get the muffin pan clean again after, though. Cooking spray first, maybe?

  2. I had no issues with build-up on top. The silicon pan was also a non-issue with clean-up, even without cooking spray. I was able to clean it right off with my scrub sponge. :)
    Hope that helps...

  3. Another one to try! Great ideas Keeley! Thanks :)


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