Saturday, May 21, 2011

Food for Thought: Flower Inspired Dinner Creativity

I wanted to share with you a shot of the plate I made for my little miss for dinner last night.

My sister has got me hooked on the idea of bento inpsired lunches. I, of course, do not have the talent or time to do have of the crazy beautiful ones I've seen, lol, but the ones I give a stab at my five year old appreciates most greatly!

Using a small stainless shaped cutout, I cut her Sunbutter & Honey sandwich into flowers. I then use the remaining pieces to create the stems and leaves.

(We use sunbutter instead of peanut butter since she's allergic peanuts. If you've never tried it, it's delicious!)

I was able to color them using these:

Which she absolutely loves when I do this to her food. :)

I cut the carrots shapes out by hand. She gobbled every bit of them up!
It's amazing to me that when I cut her food, even food types she may typically whine about finishing on a normal setting, she will eat completely when it's in a fun shape or color.

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  1. LOVE THIS!!!! Lucky little miss! -Krista


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