Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: LunchBots Lunching

Oh Monday, how you alwasy come so quickly! :)

How was the weather by every one else? Record highs here for this time of year - uppers 70's, with a few rain showers, but for most part sunny and delightful!! Loved it.

Little Miss has, in her LunchBots Duo, on left half an Udi's Gluten and Nut Free bagel sandwich (with turkey and cheese) and a few Veggie Chips.
On the right hand side are red seedless grapes and blueberries, carrots, a mini silicon cup that has flower cut radishes, and a gluten-free banana chocolate chip mini muffin.
She and I spent some time in the kitchen this afternoon baking and restocking the week plus the freezer with gluten-free goodies. :)

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