Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Runaway Whisker

I wasn't feeling ultra inspired this evening, but I managed a bit of cuteness thanks to my Hello Kitty cutter.

I titled this "Runaway Whisker" because it wasn't until after I got to my computer and uploaded the picture I noticed one of Hello Kitty's whiskers tried to get away... lol, and I don't care enough to fix it/ take another picture tonight. ;-P OH WELL!

Little Miss has a turkey and cheese sandwich on wheat bread, with a Hello Kitty cutout in the center of white bread.

Hello Kitty's face, bow, and whiskers are made of all-natural strawberry fruit strip - I hand cut them.

Around the sandwich are some carrots for munching.

Top left is a heart shaped hard boiled egg done in an egg mold, with a few red seedless grapes.

Top right are apple slices with Biscoff spread in between them. (Biscoff spread is NUT free!)

Lunch is packed in a handy-dandy EasyLunchBoxes container.


  1. We don't have any food allergies at our house so I have yet to try a nut alternitive. I sure have learned a lot about it from your blog :) Keep up the good work! It is something many of us take for granted. Thanks for educating!

  2. Hello Kitty is super cute! If you hadn't mentioned it I don't think I would have noticed the whisker that was escaping lol :)

  3. Uber cute Hello Kitty I'm with Jenn.... didn't even notice the missing whisker!

  4. Keeley, I was using Biscoff but then I called the other day, very randomly and was told it was no longer safe? Can you maybe call too and see what they tell you? They told me the cookies were safe but the spread is not? A few months ago it was. I will call again, now that I'm typing this out. But..I am curious to see what type of response we both may get.

    I what to know what does it take to get you to make me a lunch?

  5. If this posts twice, I'm sorry! I've been using Biscoff and when I randomly called a few weeks ago, they told me it was no longer safe. They said the cookies were safe, but not the spread?

    Have you called recently? I will call them again.


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