Sunday, January 15, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: I Heart Spinach.

In keeping with my hearts I started with Friday's lunch ;) WHICH by the way Little Miss ended up eating AT HOME because she had a Snow Day... not just a snow DAY a snow WEEKEND. We got over 12" of snow at our house. Ugh! At least the roads aren't terrible... now. lol
Oh well, she LOVED it and that's all that matters. :)

If you frequent my blog posts, you know Little Miss *hearts* spinach salads. More than lettuce or romaine even.

Little Miss has a spinach salad in the main compartment ~ under the top layer of leaves is some shredded cheese and additional carrot shavings.
On the top are four carrot hearts I cut out by hand and also heart pieces of turkey I cutout using my heart shaped FunBites.

Bottom right are red seedless grapes and a mini chiquita banana.
Top right is a heart plastic container I mentioned in Friday's lunch with one HomeFree mini chocolate chocolate chip cookie inside and three heart shaped strawberry marshmallows for a nice treat. :)

(She'll have a separate mini container in her lunch cooler with a bit of FF zesty italian dressing, not pictured, for her salad + her Fruitables juice box.)

Mama happens to *heart* spinach salads too (wonder where Little Miss gets it from, hehe) so easy enough to pack mine simotaneously. I also have red seedless grapes & top right is lowfat cottage cheese.

Both our lunches are packed in EasyLunchBoxes containers. 


  1. Man, I feel lucky we only got a couple inches! 12!!!! Yikes :) Super cute lunches for you and Little Miss :) Very healthy ladies!

  2. I love you lunch Idea's. I do in-home daycare and I'm always looking for new fun idea's. Thanks. Would love for you to post something on my page about your meals. My page is the Giggling Goose In-home Daycare


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