Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: First of November

No catchy title today, sorry! ;)
It was kind of nice making Little Miss's lunch... I've been making Halloweeny ones for the past two weeks so it was nice to get back to basics for a day.

Lunch is a baby romaine salad on one side (zesty italian dressing, her fave, is in the small container beside it).
To the left we have a few honey roaster turkey slices on picks, along with small pack of saltine crackers.
Two tootsie rolls from her newly stocked Halloween stash. ;)
One a bed of red seedless grapes is a "berry butterfly" (a pick of blueberries with sliced strawberries acting as the wings).
And a frozen strawberry GoGurt yogurt too (will be unthawed but still cold by lunch time).

Hope y'all had a nice Halloween!
Happy November. :)

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