Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Last Day of Kindergarten Lunch & an Afternoon Snack

Since I took off work yesterday to attend Little Miss's Kindergarten Graduation and spend the afternoon with her (it was a half day of school), my boyfriend was gracious enough to take off work early to pick her up from the half day today. (It's her VERY LAST DAY!) So they get to hang out this afternoon until I get home from work. :)

That being said, I made her a lunch and an afternoon snack to have with him so he didn't have to worry about getting her anything or trying to make something.

Lunch is a Mini Bagel with Sunbutter & Honey on it
Boiled Egg in her Bunny Egg Mold with some Carrots tucked in beside it
A bed of Spinach Leaves with some Carrots and two Cheese Star Cut-Outs on Ring Picks on top
There's an Oreo Cookie for Dessert
A few Ruffles Chips
And a Cup of Cottage Cheese (with a small piece of cheese in the center, I colored blue with my food color pens to make it like the center of a flower)


Afternoon Snack are some Cheese Slices with some Grapes & Blueberries in the center arranged to look like a Sunburst or Sunflower

Happy Wednesday Everyone! :)


  1. Wow, what a well put together lunch! And so balanced too. That's so nice that you take the time to do that for your little one :)

  2. Thank you Kristen! Thanks for checking out my blog too.


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