Monday, August 18, 2014

Italian {Sandwich} Cupcakes with Provolone Cheese Icing #GlutenFree #Recipe

You probably read the title and thought... what? Sandwich Cupcake? Cheese Icing?! 

Yup. Let me explain.

My friends at Chebe contacted me to come up with a yummy recipe that could be great for back-to-school lunches. They're running a great deal this week on a 12 pack purchase (featuring their pizza crust, all-purpose, and cinnamon mixes). 

After watching a recent episode of Eat St. on Food Network, I saw them make some amazing Italian Cupcakes and thought "how awesome would that be with gluten free Chebe Mix!?" 

And so they were born. 

We love the versatility the Chebe Mixes have. If you frequent our blog, you know I love coming up with fun ways to use it for lunches

This idea is kind of similar to our Pizza Muffins recipe, but kicked up a notch.

Little Miss was skeptical at first, but after sinking her teeth in one... well, she's asked for them two times again already!

If you prefer your Italian Sandwiches with the hot peppers, by all means, ADD THEM IN... but since this is mostly to be a kid friendly recipe, most are not fans ;) so we left them out.

Make your mix as instructed on the package. Then make a small "pancake" with your hands, about 2-2.5" in diameter. 

Begin to work it into the bottom of the cupcake pan (I prefer using a silicon baking pan), by spreading it up the sides. Trying to keep it as thin as possible without any rips or tears in the dough.

Fill each cup with a 2" round slice of salami, capicola, and prosciutto. 

Divide the remaining dough into six equal parts. Form 1.5" pancakes with your hand to form the tops of the cupcakes. 

Lay on top and pinch the sides, as best possible, so that they bake together.

Once they've baked, we'll lay a 2" diameter cutout piece of provolone cheese on top for the "icing". Return them to the oven just until the cheese starts to melt/ bubble. 

Aren't they so fun!? Little Miss loved how the cheese looked like real icing!

They also freeze great so you can bake ahead and enjoy them packed up for lunches in weeks ahead.

Serve with fruit and veggies for a yummy and fun meal at lunch time. Perfect for back-to-school!


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  1. This recipe looks amazing! How do you defrost them - microwave or just in fridge? And how do you send them in the lunch - warm or room temp? Thanks!

    1. I defrost them in the fridge and you can just reheat in the microwave or oven after thawing. Thanks!

  2. These are so cute! Hate to ask on this site, but what mix would be a gluten-full equivalent...bisquick?

    1. Hi Amanda,
      Sorry to just see your note!! Good question - you could try using that and add cheese to the batter to get the same consistency.

  3. Such a great idea! My girls would love to find these in their lunch boxes.


  4. Those look amazing! I bet my kids will love them! :) If I share... ;)

  5. So fun and so cute! Great idea!

  6. So creative! Love hand held food.

  7. These are so cute and creative!


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