Wednesday, April 30, 2014

The EASIEST Tomato Soup Recipe + Leftovers for Lunch! #GlutenFree #DairyFree #AllergyFriendly

This year, Little Miss joined Girls on the Run at school. 

It was a big deal for us! I was so worried about how she would do with her asthma - if it would be too much, if they'd run outside too often in the cold (which makes the asthma worse), and I didn't want her to feel defeated or that she wasn't "good enough" to do something so special with her girl friends. 

She has done AMAZING. She loves it! They start them slow and let them build up their strength before their "big run" in few weeks that'll take place at the University in town. 

That also means two nights a week, she gets home much later than normal so we're cramming to get homework done, tests studied for, memory verses completed, etc etc etc... I'm sure you can all relate. 

After picking her up from practice the other day, all she wanted for supper was Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup. Well, we were out of our pantry staple gluten free Tomato Soup and I had been playing a few months back making my own dairy free version. This time, I finally cracked it with this simple & quick recipe! Perfect for dinner and leftovers packed for lunch the next day for work or school. 

The EASIEST Tomato Soup Recipe
{Gluten Free, Dairy Free, & Allergy Friendly}

Really, it was Little Miss who helped me put this recipe together. My sous chef has learned well! It's also inexpensive to make since the base is a can of tomato sauce, which you can usually find at the grocer (depending on the brand you use) for as little at $0.89! {Recipe is located at the bottom of this post}

I knew we had a hit when Little Miss gobbled down her first bowl and asked for seconds. The soup paired perfectly with our Van's Natural Foods Lots of Everything Crackers - which their GF line of crackers are not only gluten free, but made in a tree nut & peanut free facility. And delicious!

She's a dunker. ;) That was always my favorite thing to do with tomato soup, as well... can't imagine where she learned that from!

The best part is, any leftovers can be frozen to be enjoyed later or packed up for school for the next day. And that's exactly what Little Miss requested - Leftovers for Lunch! 

If you're wondering how to properly let soup cool and freeze for later, check out my tips post from the MOMables blog
I am also often asked about how to keep soup warm for packed lunches, & if packing toasted sandwiches, how to keep them from getting soggy. You can check out my tips post from the MOMables blog for that too!

For lunch, I packed the leftover soup in our Thermos Foogo Food Jar, using my MOMables tips method for keeping the soup warm. 

Also packed were salami slices, Van's Natural Foods Lots of Everything Gluten Free (& Nut Free) crackers, and strawberry slices in a Steeltainer container

The EASIEST Tomato Soup Recipe
{Gluten Free, Dairy Free, & Allergy Friendly}


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  1. My oldest son loves tomato soup, will try this one for him!


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