Monday, March 17, 2014

Lunch Made Easy: Homemade Lunchable with SunButter & Jelly #AllergyFriendly #GlutenFree

One of the best and easiest school lunch ideas are Homemade Lunchables.  

It doesn't always have to be with cheese and meat slices either. For Tuesday's lunch, I made one for Little Miss with SunButter & Jelly. That was she can spread them on her crackers all by herself and enjoy!

I packed her SunButter and natural grape jelly inside Mini Dipper containers. The lids are off to the side for the photo. 

SunButter is nut free & allergy friendly. Obviously, you can also use your preferred nut or nut-free spread... but SunButter is better, so just use it, like I did. lol

We also used Van's Natural Foods new Gluten Free Perfect 10 Crackers. Did you know that Van's crackers are made in a peanut & tree nut free facility? Awesome, I know. 

Lunch is finished off with watermelon balls and a spinach side salad. I packed her dressing in her cute little bunny container, that also matches her silverware set. 


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