Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lunch Made Easy: Happy Halloween!

Right now, it's raining and thundering outside. It's suppose to continue through tomorrow (Halloween). 

1) That stinks for taking photos - no natural light, lol, and 2) Trick or Treating might be a bust if it's crummy weather. Boo!

At least we can have fun with lunches, right? RIGHT! Woo!

For Little Miss' Halloween School Lunch, I made her an EasyLunchbox filled with vampires, bats, and creepy crawlies. What could be better than that!? ;)

I kind of love these Vampire Teeth Muffins... a lot. Hehe!

They're actually Gluten Free & Allergy Friendly Pancake Muffins (pancake mixture baked in the oven in a cupcake pan). I then added chocolate chips for the eyes, a vampire teeth mouth, and filled it with strawberry jam... for a gruesome effect. I was inspired by these donuts from Waltzing Matilda

Packed around it are carrots cut out with our mini bat shaped cutter. I also made her a Vampire Teeth Mouth using apple slices, SunButter, & marshmallow. Just like we use to make our Hillbilly Teeth snacks. 

In the other compartment is chocolate pudding and Surf Sweets Gummy Worms crawling out from the "dirt". Surf Sweets are Top 10 Allergen Free, Organic, and are made with Natural Colors & Flavors. 

Lunch is finished with a fun Halloween themed Lunchbox Love Note

Here are our other fun Halloween theme lunches from this week (click the photos for details): 

Click HERE for even more Halloween inspiration or the photo below:


Lunchbox Goodies:


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  1. where do you get your cut out for the bats and Frankenstein?


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