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Halloween Cute Food & Party Table Decor Ideas #AllergyFriendly #GlutenFree

I love Halloween.
I know for families with food allergies it can be a scary time, but once you learn what works best during "trick or treating" time for your kids, it can be an enjoyable night with lots of laughs and silly costumes.
The same goes for Halloween parties. I love coming up and making cute themed foods and decorating my house for the holiday.
Halloween can be everything from oranges, black, greens, purples, pumpkins, spiders, vampires, ghosts, and more.
Here are some of our favorite Halloween party tips & fun food ideas to make your party a success!

When I'm beginning to plan a party for our friends and/or family, the first thing I do is think of the menu. Food, after all, can make or break a good gathering.

One of the first items I planned to make was this "Party Pasta". A yummy cold pasta salad made with gluten free noodles, yellow tomatoes, carrots, sweet pepper, red cabbage, zucchini, and Italian dressing.
Below the pasta are skulls made from organic mushrooms. It was simple to take a paring knife and shape them, and it adds a ton of fun dramatic effect.
One of my favorite things was the faux-caramel apples. I call them "faux" because they're not actually caramel at all! They're gluten free, Vegan - dairy free, egg free, and completely nut free.
I made them by heating up in the microwave, in a medium size bowl, 1/2 cup of SunButter sunflower seed spread & 1/4 cup of agave or honey for 1.5-2 minutes. Once it's bubbly, carefully (it's hot!) remove from the microwave and stir stir stir until it's smooth and creamy.
One at a time, I dipped my baby apples into the mixture. I then used my hand to help shape and mold it around the apple and set on a sheet of wax paper to dry/harden.
Using our pie dough recipe, I made these pumpkin shaped gluten & allergy free hand pies. I filled some with apricot jam and some with SunButter & grape jelly. Adorable and delicious!
We also served up our recipe for these delicious gluten & top 8 free chocolate pumpkin muffin bites. I piped a chocolate spider onto some of them with melted down allergy free chocolates to add some additional themed fun.
You may have noticed these little guys in the main photo. Using food safe marker and stick-on googly eyes I had some fun decorating these adorable orange clementine's. I stuck them in some silicone spider cupcake holders I purchased after Halloween two years ago from Target.
Here I also have a glass jar of purple and green grapes with a spider hidden inside.

Our Surf Sweets Spooky Spiders were the perfect candy treat to include for our party! Gluten free and top 10 allergen free. They're also non-GMO and free from corn syrup, and offer 100% vitamin C per serving. Not to mention, delicious and the fun gummy spider shape was fantastic for reaching into the jar to grab and enjoy with our theme.

The jar is marked with a Halloween Lunchbox Love Note that I felt was fitting for our jar of Halloween sweets for everyone to enjoy.
My overall theme of colors for the d├ęcor was mostly black with pops of color used through the accessories and food. This really helped to make those items shine.
 To add height and additional pops of color, I added these vases in the corner on the table. One is filled with straws and a fun eyeball cupcake ring. The purple one has a battery operated tea light and cob webbing. The green also has webbing with a spider inside.
The clear vase I owned already and the other two were purchased from the Dollar Tree. You don't have to spend a lot to add elements to your party tables + I can use them after for years to come.
The silverware are plastic but in a nice silver so it looks more "expensive". I put them together in sets and tied with a purple & black wire ribbon so it was not only theme appropriate but also made it simple for guests to grab easily and use.
The silver chargers the plates & napkins are resting on were also purchased from the Dollar Tree. They add another layer of elegance and an "old world" feel to the table without breaking the bank.
I also put another battery operated tea light into the base of my cake serving stand. Why leave that space empty? Surrounding the base with cob webbing and a fun spider add impact to an otherwise blah area of the table.
Even the empty space in the corner can have Halloween touches added. Here I covered the chair in cob webbing and black plastic tablecloth I cut to look like a spiders web. I placed our pumpkin on the seat and topped it with a matching witches hat to our party color theme.
I covered the window behind the table in cob webbing and added black plastic spiders webs made from a black plastic tablecloth purchased from the Dollar Tree.
You don't have to spend a lot of money to have fun and created a thrilling themed table for Halloween!
You also don't have to sacrifice delicious and cute party food just because of your food allergies or dietary restrictions.
Surprise your kiddos with allergy friendly Spooky Spiders from Surf Sweets! The Halloween packs also make great ideas for class treats or to hand out for Trick or Treater's at your home.
This post was sponsored by Surf Sweets. All opinions are completely my own and based on our experiences and likings. Read our full Disclosure Statement here


  1. I love this! Thanks for putting this together. :) Jennifer

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  3. So "freaking" cute! You are a very talented woman!


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