Monday, December 3, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: MOMables Monday - Christmas Pizza Bagel Wreath

Today is our first school lunch for the month of December ~ That means it's time to start our Advent Lunches, Christmas Countdown for 2012!! WOO!! Get excited people! lol
Only 22 days left until Christmas!
For MOMables Monday, I decided to have some fun with the Kids Pizza Bagel menu item and turn it into a festive wreath for the holidays:

Using half an Udi's gluten, nut, dairy, and soy free bagel, I added sauce and cheese then toasted in our toaster oven. When done, I laid spinach greens on top for the wreath and made the bow from red sweet pepper.
I was inspired to make the pizza bagel wreath by Le Top Blog. They used broccoli instead, but I know my Little Miss loves her spinach.
To keep this festive fun wreath dairy free, sub the cheese for non-dairy soy or rice cheese.
I also gave Little Miss apple slices and topped with the other half of the apple revealing a Christmas tree cutout. It was there I wrote with our food safe markers our countdown number of "22" for the day.
Lastly, Little Miss has a marshmallow snowman. His face was decorated with food safe markers and his winter hat is actually a cupcake pick stuck through the top.
After we were done making her lunch last night, she said, "Bye Mr. Snowman, I'll see you when I eat you for lunch tomorrow!" lol, silly cute girl! <3 em="em">
She is thrilled to be starting our Christmas countdown again. It's a simple, fun way to advent your way to the holiday. It's also win for Mama because she doesn't ask me how long until Christmas every single day, lol, she already knows and will start telling me!
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  1. Thank you for adding your lunch to my Switch It Up Sandwich Linky! Love the pizza wreath! So festive and the marshmellow snowman is cute!

  2. Cute pizza wreath!! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do this year-- loved last years Advent Lunches Christmas Countdown round up! :)

  3. Love the bagel idea very cute. :)


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