Monday, December 10, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: @MOMables Monday - Simple Christmas School Lunchbox

I love our MOMables Monday posts. It means Sunday night I can just look through our MOMables menus and Little Miss can pick what her heart desires for the day. This Mama gets a night off from having to think of something "fast & fresh" to put in her lunch box. Done!
Little Miss chose the MOMables BLT Sandwich for her school lunch on Monday. We made ours using our gluten & nut free bread, of course.

To keep it simple and fun, I left the plastic Christmas tree cookie cutter around the top slice of bread. Surrounding the sandwich are two mini Christmas tree cucumber bites.
She also has two mini organic apples and a silicone cup of strawberry yogurt with a cute Rudolph pick inside.
I included one of her Lunchbox Love Notes from the Christmas collection. "Did You Know? Some of the earliest known Christmas tree decorations were apples." Fitting for today, I thought. :) 

Since I didn't want to color on her sandwich today, I decided to include our Advent Christmas Countdown number on the backside of her Lunchbox Love Note.

{15 More Days Until Christmas!}

Allergy Friendly Notes:
  • This lunch featured is gluten, peanut, & tree nut free.
  • By substituting the dairy yogurt for rice or soy based non-dairy, this lunch can be made completely dairy free. Also depending on the brand of bread - Udi's brand is gluten, nut, soy, and dairy free.
  • Use vegan mayo for the sandwich spread, if making a BLT.
  • Depending on the brand of bread you purchase, the lunch can also be entire egg free.  


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