Monday, October 1, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: MOMables Monday - I Love Bacon!

The great thing about MOMables School Lunch Menus is that it can spark an idea or a plan. You don't have to follow them exactly as pictured, but it can help for those days you're staring at an empty lunch container wondering what to do...
That's exactly how this "I Love Bacon!" lunch box came about! This lunch is gluten, peanut, & tree nut free.
While flipping through the weekly menu listing, I asked Little Miss what she wanted. When she saw the MOMables Bacon & Egg Salad sandwich, she said "Mmm... Bacon! I want that!"
We *just* so happened to have two slices of bacon left over from breakfast. Leftover bacon? I know... it *rarely* happens. So, I had to take the opportunity to pack it while I could. ;)
I didn't have any eggs boiled, but the bacon reminded me of a past heart shaped turkey club we made around Valentine's Day ~ so thanks to MOMables, it sparked the idea to revisit an absolute favorite lunch of Little Miss!
The top slice is tucked underneath the sammie for the photo. It's made with gluten free bread, deli turkey, colby jack cheese, and slice of bacon. Did you notice above - I said there were two slices leftover? Yeah, one went in Little Miss' lunch box. Mama ate the other one while I was making it. Hehehe
Beside it is an Enjoy Life Vanilla Graham Cookie for dessert. Enjoy Life products are free from the Top 8 Allergens.
Top left are pear dices and red seedless grapes. Beside it are baby carrots and a bunny container filled with dip. Thank you Mamabelly for the adorable container for Little Miss!
Lunch is packed in our beloved EasyLunchboxes container.

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  1. Bacon for lunch? Yum! What an adorable lunch and I am glad you like the bunny <3


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