Monday, August 20, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Hello Kitty Bento

Little Miss and her Hello Kitty pajamas were inspiration for a Hello Kitty lunchbox for Tuesday!

It's been a little while since we last did a Hello Kitty lunch, so it was long overdue. Once I saw her already in her HK pj's when I got home this evening from work, it was the perfect inspiration!

Little Miss has a flower silicone cup full of red seedless grapes and a Hello Kitty pick. I also snuck one tiny star shaped marshmallow in the cup. ;)

She also has a chewy chocolate mint cookie cup in the bottom left corner with another HK pick for added fun.

Surrounding the cookie cup are Old Wisconsin brand beef bites, baby carrots, and a flower silicone cup with dip.

Little Miss' sandwich is on Udi's whole grain gluten free bread. It's filled with SunButter and grape jelly, then topped with a slice of cheese decorated to look like Hello Kitty. 


Lunch is packed in her Hello Kitty bento box.

Not pictured is a small container of cinnamon applesauce Little Miss also wanted to include in her lunch. :)


  1. I LOVE THAT HELLO KITTY BENTO..sorry for yelling :)'s so cute..My girls would love that..

    1. Thanks Shautel! :) I saw you won the MOMables giveaway too over at Bobbi's Bentos!! CONGRATS!! You're set now for making amazing lunches! WOO!

  2. WOO HOO!!!!! We will be having quite a few Hello Kitty lunches of our own this year. She's HUGE at our house. Such a fun lunch, Keeley!!!

  3. Super cute!!! (The lunch, too!)

  4. Super cute! ~The lunch and the kid :)

  5. I have recently subscribed to your blog and love your ideas. Thanks so much for sharing your creative brain! I have a boy, so he doesn't even know Hello Kitty exists, but this shows me that I just need to think outside the box with characters that he does like.

    My son has a speech disorder called apraxia and also has food allergies. I've done a lot of research on food sensitivities and nutritional deficiences contributing to his speech problems. We had a lot of tests ran on him at the beginning of this month and last week I found out that he is also gluten intolerant.Your site gives me hope that my boy will enjoy "normal" food again!

    Last, I have a question- I noticed in your cookie recipe and most gluten-free baked goods that you need xanthem gum. What does this do? This morning I made chocolate chip cookies with King Arthur gluten-free flour and just added baking soda & salt like the regular recipe called for. They taste okay, but they are crunchy, not chewy. Does the xanthem gum soften it up? Just curious b/c that stuff is crazy expensive online!

    Thank you!

  6. Love this one and Little Miss' jammies. Both are super cute!


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