Friday, August 31, 2012

{Allergy Friendly} Savorfull August Box Review + Chicken & Mushrooms Recipe!

Each month, I'm planning on compiling a wrap-up review post of my monthly Savorfull boxes!

A one stop shop, if you will, to check out all the goodies it has to offer. (I will try to get this up sooner in the month, going forward.)

Little Miss is in love with her monthly "special green box of goodies". She practically barrels down the UPS guy when he comes with her special Savorfull delivery!

If you don't know what Savorfull is, click HERE to read my full review post I did previously on this amazing Allergy Friendly company.

Our August box did not disappoint! Packed full, once again, with delicious goodies for our family to enjoy!

An amazing 220 page cookbook, "Put A Little Soy In Your Life". I love reading cookbooks for inspiration! Although we don't need to pack our diets full of soy, books like this are great for ideas and adapting them to fit your families likes/ needs.

The only item we couldn't have was the Oatmeal Raisin bar from the GFB.
I have heard amazing this about The Gluten Free Bar company, but unfortunately it has nut warnings. Knowing this, we shared this treat with my dad who happens to keep to a gluten & dairy free diet. It was the perfect item to share with him and he was able to take to work with him as snack! I love when we can share items and they're appreciated so much.

The Lucy's brand cookies were put to good use inside Little Miss' lunches! They are free from milk, nuts, eggs, and gluten.

Little Miss loved the Ginger Snaps with SunButter spread on them.

The Maple Bliss were her favorite of the two. She had them with lunch, as well.

I was elated to get the Crunchmasters crackers in the August box! They are my absolutely favorite gluten-free crackers; The sea salt flavor, especially.

I packed them in my own lunch with a SunButter packet, fruit, and salad.

I saved the second pack of crackers for my recent trip to New Orleans. I knew it'd be the perfect snack for the plane! And it was. :) 

The last item was the Pacific Natural Foods Organic Chicken Broth. Low in sodium, as well as, Gluten Free, Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Soy Free, Egg Free, and Corn Free.

We used it to make a delish dish of Chicken & Mushrooms! It was sooooo good!
It was my version of the Everyday Foods recipe. We served ours with red roasted rosemary potatoes and a side salad.
Here's how we did it:
I can't wait to see what our September Savorfull box has in store for us!!

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