Monday, July 2, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Patriotic Stars

Tuesday's lunch has a star theme in honor of Independence Day!

Little Miss has a SunButter & strawberry jelly sandwich on Udi's (gluten, nut, dairy, & soy free) bread with a star 'peekaboo cutout' in the center.

Surrounding the sandwich are star shaped marshmallows for a sweet treat.

The upper left has a red silicone liner with strawberry dices and blueberries with a strawberry star on top and US flag pick.

The upper right has matchstick carrots and star shaped cucumber cutouts. I stacked the cucumber rings and filled the star center with her veggie dip for added fun in lieu of a separate container.

Lunch is packed in an EasyLunchBoxes container.


  1. Love this star spangled theme lunch. Love that strawberry star. I'm rarely successful at shaping my strawberries other than hearts or pinwheels. I must have the wrong cutter size. Love your post. I'm must make one for tomorrow's mini celebration.

  2. Love the theme and it looks super tasty!

  3. I heart the peekaboo star sammy :) Thanks so much for linking up to the 4th of July Linky Party & Happy Independence Day!


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