Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Lunch & Snack by Little Miss

Wednesday's lunch were items all picked out by Little Miss.

So while I was busy packing lunch, she made her very own snack (keep reading to see it)!

Inside her EasyLunchBoxes container are two heart picks of turkey slices roll-ups and colby jack cheese squares. There are also baby carrots and sugar snap with dip in the main compartment.

Top left are watermelon dices with a cute bear fork pick. The bottom left are four McCain's Smiles Potatoes.

As mentioned above, while I was packing lunch, Little Miss stood beside me in the kitchen making her own snack for tomorrow.

She cut out two mini heart shaped sandwiches on Udi's Cinnamon Raisin bread and filled with SunButter and Jelly. She topped with cheese and decorated.
Also included is a mini chocolate chip muffin (made with our King Arthur Flour GF Muffin Mix) and three heart shaped marshmallows (I had bought a few packages around Valentine's of these and we still had one unopened that expires in a week haha so I told her to enjoy! LOL)
Lastly is half a banana (mama did help her cut this since she is not allowed to use the sharp knifes).

Baby girl not only made her own snack BUT decorated her own backdrop paper!! LOL, child must be mine. ;)  She actually decorated both sides of the paper so she could use the other side for a snack on a different day. (So cute!!)

"Mom, will you put this on the computer and tell everyone I made this?" Absolutely my dear!


  1. that is so cute! she did a fantastic job and it looks not only yummy but healthy too :)

    great job little one!

  2. she did a FANTASTIC job on that snack! What a cutie!

  3. Good job, girl! Looks delish! ;-D

  4. She's so cute. Will you please tell Little MIss that I am very impressed with her creativity? Thanks! And thanks for coming to my Bento Kids Link Party!

  5. Wow looks great now how do you do it!


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