Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Snackable: Last Day of School!

Thursday is the last day of school for Little Miss *sniff sniff* ~ It's a half day.
My baby will no longer be a first grader! Bahhh, how did this happen!?!?! ;)

I still have to pack her a snack for the AM like I do every day. The fella is taking her out for a special "daddy/ daughter lunch" after school as a surprise since he'll be the one picking her up. So sweet! All his idea too.

Here's her snack for tomorrow:
She has red seedles grapes, a deli turkey slice rolled up and sliced, and Pirate's Booty.

To add an extra special something to the snack, I snuck in a Lunch Box Love Note that says "I love the person that you have become". Perfect for the last day of school. :)

This note is actually from their new Camp Collection ~ Right now they're offering 35% off all Lunchbox Love on their site with coupon NEWBIES2012. (Expires 6/8/12.)

Lunch is packed in her new Hello Kitty box that a dear friend surprised us with for Little Miss! (Thank you Bentoriffic! *HUGS*)


  1. What a sweet Fella :) Happy last day Little Miss!!!

  2. Very sweet fella! Glad she liked her surprise, and I love the sweet note. Can't wait until mine can read :)

  3. Very thoughtful fella! So glad Little Miss liked her surprise, and I love the sweet note for her. Can't wait until mine can read!

  4. I thought it didn't go through :/ Sorry! Feel free to delete one!


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