Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Not'cho Lunch!

lol, sorry for the title ~ it just got stuck in my head after making this lunch for Little Miss... that's right, it's hers... Not'chors! LOL ;)
Yeah, yeah, well it's not mine either.. *barnacles*

We had tacos for dinner this evening, so Little Miss loves when her lunch gets to reep the benefits of leftover taco meat.

In silicone cups, she has leftover taco meat and the other cheese. Surrounding it are corn tortilla chips and three cherub tomatoes.

Top left has cucumber slices and carrot flowers. I cut the center of she cucumbers out with my flower shaped veggie cutter and stuck a flower shaped carrot slice inside each piece.

Top right are strawberries that I hulled a small hole out of and stuck a blueberry inside. There are red seedless grapes surrounding them.

Lunch is packed in an EasyLunchBoxes container.


  1. Nummers! This is one of my favorite uses for taco meat :) Why is it so much more fun to eat nachos than tacos?! hehe I also love how you always make your veggies look so cute :)

  2. Love the colorful use of leftovers. We're huge taco fans here too. Love the fruit & veggie cutouts :)

  3. I'm suddenly making lunches for my three kids - dye allergy, dairy allergy, and soy allergy in a nut-free facility.. so I'm loving your blog! However... Does she mind cold taco meat? I love this idea but I think my big (he's 8) would flip out and refuse to eat the cold taco meat...

    1. Great question! By lunch time it's at room temperature, which sometimes she doens't mind. However, we are lucky that she has a microwave in her classroom that she can use to reheat items, if she wants. That's why I will pack it in a little silicone cup so she can warm it right up in that cup. Thanks!

  4. What about keeping it warm? Or heating up the meat?


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