Thursday, May 17, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: SunButter Rice Cake

Little Miss usually gets a rice cake with SunButter once a week, if not in her lunch then as her school snack. (I sometimes share those pics on Instagram if you're ever interested in seeing - you can follow me @keeleymcguireblog).

I always play with raisins decorating them too - flowers, hearts, writing out words like "Hi!" lol, anything to surprise her and make her smile.

Friday's lunch in her EasyLunchBoxes container is a gluten-free rice cake with SunButter and raisins.

The small face in the center is made from an all natural apple fruit strip. The rest of the fruit strip is tucked in at the bottom, along with additional raisins in the corners.

Top left is two slices of nitrate free ham, rolled up and sliced into halves.

Top right is a flower silicon cup with a small bit of dip and carrot matchsticks.

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