Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Bagels & Stars, Oh my!

Wednesday's lunch is kind of a hodge podge of goodies :) but she was excited about it when I asked her if it was okay (lol).

Lunch is half a blueberry bagel with whipped cream cheese.
In the center (on top) is a babybel cheese. Using my stainless star shaped cutter, I pressed into the wax and peeled it away to reveal the star shape.

Beside it is a mini chiquita banana and below that are two celery pieces filled with Sunbutter.
Top left are three oven roasted turkey slices. Top right is a hard boiled egg, done in our star shaped egg mold (available on amazon - Plastic Egg Mold Heart and Star).

Lunch is packed inside an EasyLunchBoxes container (also available on amazon - EasyLunchboxes 3-compartment Bento Lunch Box Containers).

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  1. Love the stars. Thanks for the tutorial on how to cut shapes on baby bell cheese. I have always wondered how and have to experiment soon :)

  2. Those little bananas still crack me up! You and Candy Girl are making me smile with all these stars! Love love LOVE stars :)

  3. Nice, and sure to please :) It's a bagels and stars kind of day hey? I just bought some mini baybels today, was going to see if Bella was ready to try them again, only I didn't know what I was going to carve in hers yet. Maybe a heart!


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