Friday, December 30, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Lazy Day Tacos

Ahh Friday! This week has flown by... we've been so busy (but all good things). Yesterday we took a road trip to visit family. Our LONG day trip involved 8 hours of Mama driving, so when we stumbled in at 1am I was tiiiiired. Here is lunch time ~ Little Miss and I are still in our jammies. We'll be productive this afternoon. I promise. ;) lol


Lunch is in an EasyLunchBox -

Little Miss has a beef taco, some grape tomatoes, apple slices, low sodium tortilla chips and a bit of Heluva Good Fiesta Salsa Dip (<-- that stuff is soo soo good!)


Little Miss is still off school all of next week. So lunch posts may be sparce until she returns to school on the 9th since we're kind of all over the place... :)

Have a Happy New Year and great weekend everyone!


  1. Our laziness has lasted a few weeks, although I did just make a bento that I need to post!

  2. love that..laziness is good sometimes!

  3. This is your lazy day lunch? LOL. I think I better go back to bed! Too much inspiration here and I simply cannot keep up.. risOh well, I can start over again with my 2012 resolution, "be more like Keeley" after a good nap ;)

  4. Thanks everyone :)

    Tacos are one of Little Miss's favorite things. I make them for dinner often and there usually aren't leftovers so that's why you don't see them in lunches.

    Since it was an at home day, perfect and easy to make to munch on.


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