Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Holiday Delight

Thursday. Three days left until Christmas.
*insert panic attack here*
I kid, I kid... I still do have quite a few things to do/buy, but they are easy last minute type pickups - I've just been too swamped to get them taken care of already! Thankfully, I have Friday off work and Little Miss will be at school, so after chapel I can get them all done!! (That's the plan anyways *fingers crossed*.)

Thursday's lunch features a festive sunbutter & honey sandwich, shaped like a wreath and decorated with holly sprinkles. They're sticking to the bread thanks to a tiny dab of honey on each spot. :)

Under the sandwich is a spinach salad. The cheese and carrots are hidden beneath the spinach leaves. There are four grape tomatoes in the corners, as well.

Top left are mandarin oranges.
Top right has a container with a small amount of zesty italian dressing and a York for dessert.

Lunch is packed inside an EasyLunchBox.

Anyone notice anything missing or wrong with the lunch??

I didn't until AFTER I took the picture - for the very first time since I started my *Advent Lunches*... I FORGOT THE COUNTDOWN NUMBER!!! *sniff sniff*

Thankfully, ELB's are AWESOME so I could improvise by making her a festive lid, hehehe :)

"Shout With Glee! Now There's Only Three!"

*Phew* crisis averted. lol


  1. You are the only one who noticed. I was busy checking out the details in your holly sprinkles. Again, how do you work, make lunches, wake up at 4 or 5 to bake and make it all look so easy with your cheerful self??? Gorgeous lunch :)

  2. Thank you both!!

    @Sarah - I'm FAR from being perfect/organized/whatever, lol... Making lunches the night before after Little Miss goes to bed helps. They really don't take that much time, once I know what I want to make. :)
    We have odd schedules in this house - sleep/work so it actually is probably in my favor when it comes to getting to do my blog & lunch fun.
    It also helps I only have one kiddo to juggle. hehe ;)

  3. I didn't notice the missing 3 either, until you pointed it out :) Love the wreath with sprinkled holly!


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