Thursday, November 3, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Bologna Salad?

Yes. Bologna Salad. A favorite of Little Miss and actually was when I was a kid too... We joke that it's the "poor mans Ham Salad" (sandwich spread) because my mother would eat it growing up when they didn't have much money. Thus why we grew up with it too. :)

I haven't made it for Little Miss in a looooong time so I figured it'd be a nice treat for her today, so I made some last night.

Lunch is a Bologna Salad on a Deli Style Bun
Cucumber Slices & Matchstick Carrots
2 Oreos for Dessert (need to get rid of the Halloween ones! lol)
Bottom right is some leftover shells & cheese from dinner last night
Top right is mandarin oranges
All packed into an Easy Lunchbox
Fruitables juice box to drink


  1. hehehe... bologna salad kinda sounds addicting :)

  2. I've never had bologna salad before but it certainly sounds interesting!

    I love to make bentos too :-)

  3. Haha, thanks Corey! We tease my mother because she could eat hot dogs or bologna sandwiches every day and be content with her life. She's a simple woman. :)

    Thanks for stopping by Lisa! I'll be sure to check your page out!!

    It's funny you say that - my sister saw my post this morning and it got us talking about memories of growing up, etc.
    She joked "why didn't you post the secret family recipe? I'm sure your readers want to know!" LOL, I figured most would cringe at the thought...


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