Thursday, October 20, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Boo-tiful!

Today's lunch is back to Halloween fun:


  • A Wrappy Mummy (Hot Dog - Classic!)
  • Two Severed Fingers (Cheese Stick with Carved Knuckles and Nails Colored with my Food Writer Red Pen)
  • Boo!! Banana (Use a toothpick to write on a banana peel, as the day goes on the message will get darker)
  • Hillbilly Mouth (Apple Slices, Mini-Marshmallows, Sunbutter Spread - or PB in other households)
  • Some Carrot Matchsticks with a Halloween Oreo Cookie ontop
  • A Halloween Cupcake Liner with Ghost Shaped Marshmallows and some Autumn Mix (candy corn and mini-candied pumpkins - Sunrise Brand with is Peanut Free and available at the Dollar Tree!)
  • Some additional Apple Slices with a Purple Bat Ring tucked in for fun (there's also an Orange Spider Ring)
Little Miss loves the rings in her lunches to share with a friend. :)


Let me know your thoughts!

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