Thursday, September 22, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Well, Hello, Kitty ;)

A few days ago I finally found and purchased a set of two cute Hello Kitty cutters. Found them at Hobby Lobby (I spend way to much $ each time I walk into that store... is there a Hobby Lobbyholics group?)
Anyways, here is Little Miss's Hello Kitty lunch for this fabulous Thursday! She even wore one of her Hello Kitty shirts & socks to school to go with the theme, lol.

I was able to squeeze both cutters into one sandwich worth. I used the cutters for the sandwiches and then cut slices of provalone so I could paint Hello Kitty's face on them with my food writer pens.
As you can see, one cutter is for a Hello Kitty face and the other is a head to toe cutter.

Also included with lunch are some strawberries, a couple cherry tomatoes, a few all-natural reduced sodium potato chips, a cup of banana strawberry yogurt (there is a separate lid for the container to keep if from making a huge mess), some blueberries, and one choc chip cookie (in halves).

I think they turned out pretty darn cute. :) I don't have a black food writer pen, so I used blue for her eyes and whiskers instead but I love em'.


  1. That is seriously too stinkin cute! She will flip when she sees it!

  2. Love! You did a great job on the cheesy HK's. What a fun lunch :)

  3. Oh how cute! See you are the kind of mom my daughter wants- one who can make cute sandwiches. I choked when she asked me for a butterfly sandwich. Apparently her school friend had one. I panicked and messed it up. I need food writers big time!

  4. Thanks everyone for your kind comments & feedback!

    @Kate - check out the butterfly I recently did for my daughter here:
    I purchased the cutter from the dollar store! and decorated with my Betty Crocker Easy Writers (
    Hope this helps!!

  5. Eh, I've found that the black pens turn more of a dark green anyway. The blue is super cute!

  6. that's good to know! thanks Jennifer!


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