Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Flowers and Food

I'm so behind on my posting as of late. Between fun & full weekends and being crazy busy at work, I feel like I'm behind anyways. :)

Here's a recent dish for my Little Miss:
Flower cutout Sunbutter & Honey Sandwich bites
Flower cutout bologna & cheese bites (stacked)
I colored the centers with my food color pens
Boiled Egg done in her star egg mold
Carrots and Ranch for dipping
Cottage Cheese


  1. I found your blog via What's for Lunch at I just made the decision to start serving Bento lunches to my daughter and I have lots to learn. I'll be visiting lots of blogs! I've got to get some egg molds!!!

  2. I got my first set of molds off of Amazon and my second set from offers great Bento supplies at very reasonable prices.
    I hope you'll have as much fun making her lunches as I do for my daughter! :)


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