Saturday, June 11, 2011

Craft Complete: DIY Jellyfish Craft for Kids

This is a cute craft to do with kids - Making jellyfish. :)

Of course when I told me daughter we were going to make jellyfish, she started saying in her very best Spongebob impression "jellyfishing, jellyfishing..." and wouldn't stop. lol

Super simple and cute. We already had all the supplies in the house too!

 What you'll need:
Paper plate
Markers & Crayons
Googley Eyes

I had bought my bag of eyes from the dollar store. You could always just draw the eyes on as well.

First cut the plate in half.

We then colored the "bottom side" of the plates.
One half will be the back and one the front of the jellyfish.

We then applied a line of glue along the "top" of the plate (the uncolored side)

Cut your streamers to the length you want them and then apply along your glue line, as shown.
We had green and pink on hand and chose to alternate colors.
We also only applied the streamers to the plate half that would be the "back" of the jellyfish.

Then apply glue along all the edges of the "top" of the plate, as shown.
Do this one both the back and front plate halves of the jellyfish.

(I admit it, I had fun coloring the front of this one while she did hers and the backs of both. lol)

Stick them together and let dry while applying pressure.

We then glued on the google eyes where we wanted them and let dry for a minute.

Here's the fronts of our completed jellyfish.

And the backs.

This was a super simple and cute project she and I did together.
Afterward, she ran through the house, one in each hand, playing with them. lol
I think streamers flying is what she loved most... :)


  1. What a great idea! That makes me wish my kiddos were still small. I LOVE Spongebob!

  2. I'd probably try putting some dried beans or peas between the 2 plates and stapling around the edges - a jellyfish tamborine! Could also do this (with or without beans) and rainbow streamers for St. Patty's Day!

  3. That's a great idea with the beans, or even rice!
    Most definetly staples would work. The glue stick is holding up just fine and it gave her the ability to do hers on her own, whereas I don't let her use the stapler. :)


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