Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Silly Sandwiches

Since my daughter has a severe peanut allergy, I take no chances with cafeteria food for her at school so I pack her lunch every day.
On the days I actually get up on time *ahem* (c'mon, 4am comes so quick sometimes and I am dragging until that first cup o' coffee is in my system!) I take the time to make her a "Silly Sandwich".
My inspiration for starting to do for her over a year ago was the book Funky Lunch - the sandwiches they create are SO cute and inspiring! They do a much better job than me; Their sandwiches are like a piece of artwork for kids!... and adults too! :)
ANYWAYS, knowing the foods my daughter does and does not like I tried to simplify and quickify (I know that's not a real word, but roll with me on this)  the process and create some silly sandwiches to surprise her at lunch time with a smile!

Here are some shots of some of the ones I've made:

One of the first "Silly Sandwiches" I ever made for her - THE SCARY MONSTER!

Super simple: I cut a zig-zag pattern for the mouth, cut circles out of cheese for the eyes, used carrot sticks poked through the cheese as the pupils helping hold them in place, also stuck vertically in the middle for the nose.

Another simple creation  - THE FISH

I cut the sandwich out by hand, keeping in mind that the tail was shaped like a heart and the front was circular.

I cut up a baby carrot slice for the eye. I actually kept it in place by putting a dab of mayo on the underside to act like "glue".


This was particularly fun to make and send with her to school on her birthday! 

I stacked bread and bologna (her favorite) in layers with cheese and mayo, like a cake.

I pierced the center with a baby carrot to represent a candle. At the top of the carrot,
I made a small incision horizontally. I made it wide enough to slide in a piece of cheese
I cut out in the shape of a flame. Ta-Da!


This one was really just for fun on a whim. I have this big package of cookie cutters
that contains numbers 0-9 and the complete alphabet.

I simply sliced an "H" for Haley and a "5" for her proud new age!


This is probably one of my faves!
Instead of just a boring ol' Ham & Cheese why not make a HAND and CHEESE!

I freehand cut the sandwich in the shape of a hand. One of my daughter's favorites!


Another fun one to do for her was this pumpkin for Halloween.

I cut out the sandwich in the shape of a pumpkin with the exception at the top
where I accounted for a bologna stem. :) I cut the bread only exposing the meat to represent the eyes and mouth.


This one is easy but cute in its own right.

I cut out the heart shape and saved the extra corners so she'd have a couple
extra sandwich bites! I lined the space with grapes to show off the heart shape.


I hope you enjoyed the pictures and it may provoke you to be inspired to make some "Silly Sandwiches" or a Funky Lunch!

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