Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lunch Made Easy: Work & School Mommy + Me Lunches

Little Miss is getting a little spoiled tomorrow. 

One of her very favorite things is smoked salmon and we haven't had it in quite some time. Frankly, it can be expensive. 

The store had it on special this past week so this Mama was able to splurge a little so we could both indulge for our "Mommy + Me, Work & School Lunches" for Wednesday. They also happen to both be yummy non-sandwich ideas to pack. ;) 

Little Miss' favorite way to enjoy hers is on an Udi's Gluten Free Bagel with cream cheese. So, that's exactly how I packed it for her:

Also packed in her EasyLunchboxes container are carrot sticks and watermelon bites. I also was sure to pack an extra ice pack in her lunch cooler, just to ensure the salmon stayed nice and chilled until lunch time. 

I was out of my non-dairy cream cheese spread, so I packed Romaine Salad Wraps with my salmon instead. I filled each romaine leaf with salmon and thinly sliced carrot. I also packed additional carrot, sweet pepper slices, and a couple grape tomatoes on the side of my EasyLunchboxes container.




  1. Such colourful & tasty looking lunches!

  2. I happened upon your site while looking for lunch box ideas for me - I love it!


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