Friday, May 9, 2014

Lunch Made Easy: @VansFoods Blueberry Waffle & @SunButter Stick Sandwiches

It's funny... Little Miss can still be so finicky and picky about foods. Some things, I'm glad she dislikes and other things I just shake my head at.

Just a couple examples -
Glad about: She does not like soda, at all.
Glad about: She does not like koolaids or sweet sugary juices, at all.

Shake my head: She does not like toast, but will eat toasted/ grilled sandwiches.
Shake my head: She will only eat waffles if I make them "dippable", covered in something, or turned into a sandwich.

Being that I love the occasional waffle, especially blueberry, I'm thankful for Van's Gluten Free waffles since they are dairy, egg, tree nut, peanut, and corn free. I can keep them in the freezer and get my fix when needed. ;) They also make great lunch options for kids too!

Since she isn't a fan of toasted/ crunchy waffles or bread, as mentioned above, I heated them in the toaster oven until softened then filled with SunButter No-Sugar Added and honey. 

I then sliced off the edges and packed her "sandwich sticks" inside our new Rubbermaid Takealongs Snacking containers. (These are great by the way - I got them 6/pack for about $5 at Target.)

Also packed is a spinach side salad and watermelon dices.


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