Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Sheepish Lunch

Here's the deal - you take the good with the bad. Some ideas are good, some are GREAT, and some... well, are sandwiches with marshmallows all over it.

Let me explain. See I wanted to make a sheep/ lamb cut out sandwich for Little miss. The lamb being very symbolic to Christians and with it being Easter and all... Anyways, when I simply cut the sandwich it looked like a deformed dinosaur or a dog even. lol

Soooo I thought it'd be a great idea to cut mini marshmallows in half and then "glue" them onto the bread using a dab of honey to look like fluffy lambs wool. *ahem* Well you can judge for yourself how well that worked. lol

I showed the fella and asked him to guess what it was - after thinking for a moment, and afraid to offend me with the incorrect answer, ;-) he did say "a sheep or something?!" so I thought, eh, works for me. lol

The sandwich is filled with SunButter and jelly, and made with gluten-free/ peanut-free bread.

Around the sheep, lamb sorta looking sandwich are red seedless grapes cut into halves.

The other compartment of this LunchBots Duo has a bed of baby spinach leaves topped with cheese and carrot flower cut outs.

Done. I look forward to your comments. lol


  1. I could tell it was a sheep right away. I don't think it looks bad at all. I definitely think the marshmallows make it!

  2. NOW it looks like an awesome sheep, but without the marshmallows, I'm voting for a sweet standard poodle ;) Either way, I like it!

    1. Haha that's so funny Sarah!! I thought poodle too! lol

  3. Um, put marshmallows on anything and my kid would go NUTS. So mission accomplished. I'm sure you'll have requests for marshmallow sheep sandwiches in the future. I thought it was cute. (Although in the feed I originally thought it was popcorn!)

    1. Ooo popcorn would be clever too!
      Thanks for your kind comments. :)

  4. Super cute! I love the flowers too!!


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