Monday, November 21, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Sunbutter Sushi

I realized I hadn't made Little Miss "sunbutter sushi" in quite some time, one of her faves. :)


Sandwich is Sunbutter & Honey "Sushi Rolls".

There are also a couple mini-oreos, baby carrots, cucumber slices, a babybel cheese, and a box of raisins.

Top right are mandarin oranges. Bottom right is hard boiled egg done in her bear shaped egg mold.

All packed inside an EasyLunchBox.

Not pictured: Fruitables Juice Box.

Little Miss has a half day of school Wednesday, and Thursday we'll be gorging on Thanksgiving fixins' and watching FOOTBALL!
Friday will consist of a fun "girls day" for Little Miss and I with some Christmas shopping, dining out together, and probably an afternoon nap. lol
I have a few recipes I need to post, so I'll try to get those up by Wednesday. :)
Have a great week everyone!! 


  1. Love the sandwich sushi! I just tried a similar sandwich sushi for the girls too! Great minds think alike. You'll be seeing it on the blog soon. Speaking of sushi, that sounds really good right about now!

  2. Ugh! I know ~ I love sushi. I stear clear of Asian restaurants because so many of them use peanut butter, peanut oils, etc and because of cross-contamination. So I can only get it if I'm able to go without her sometime ~ Which is not enough!! lol, I could eat sushi... fried rice... crab rangoons... mmm... heck I'm getting high blood pressure just thinking about it. ;)

  3. Um... there is a sushi add up on your blog as we speak. CREEPY!

  4. Creepy google ads! Doesn't that freak you out when they do that?! Haha

  5. The sushi rolls are so pretty!! And I love how you tucked so many other little things in this lunch. Too fun :)


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