Thursday, November 10, 2011

Lunch Made Easy: Mama's Bento

Little Miss is off school today and tomorrow for conferences, so I get a break for making her lunch!
Mama still needs to eat though. ;)

I'm in a group on FB with a lot of the other Bento Bloggers. We were discussing how long it takes us, on average, to put the lunches together and I mentioned that I usually make mine the same time as I'm putting together lunch for Little Miss. So today, I figured, why not highlight a typical "Mama Bento".

My lunches usually consist of leftovers from the night before, soup, or salads.
While I'm getting fruit and veggies cleaned and/or diced for Little Miss, I just do more for myself at the same time.

Today my bento is a romaine salad with cauliflower and carrots. (I keep a bottle of FF Zesty Italian Dressing in the fridge at my main office so I don't have to worry about bringing any from home.)
Top right is some cold pasta salad I made earlier this week - It consists of macaroni noodles, cauliflower, salad dressing (miracle whip light), and peas.
Bottom right are some strawberry dices & blueberries.
All packed inside an Easy Lunchbox.

Taking the time to make Little Miss her lunches and by also providing healthier meals, it's changed my eating habits as well. Last November, I went on a kick to really change my life - I started eating healthier, watching my calorie & carb in take (in a completely healthy way - by no means, starving myself, there's no way I could! I loooooove cooking & eating way too much LOL), I cut out regular soda, and greasy fast food. I lost 20 lbs in just 5 months! This past spring I started running again and am in 5K training mode - something I've never done but always wanted to do. It's been amazing!
Since I'm just in a "maintain" mode now, I get to have more flexibility - yes I have eaten a double cheeseburger and I'm still addicted to Starbucks, (lol) but I still don't drink regular soda, in fact I now hardly drink diet soda anymore. By making better choices during the day and/or while I'm working though, gives me more freedom on my weekends to enjoy myself and not put the weight back on. :)


  1. I adore you. Why in the WORLD haven't I considered that I could/should make my lunch for work at the same time I make his for school? No Easy Lunchboxes here (I've asked Santa ... we'll see if he's paying any attention) but there's no reason I can't borrow some of John's containers or even go thee ol' ziploc container route. Right? Right.

  2. LOL, I adore you more Karen ;)

    I've always packed my lunch but it wasn't until last fall I really started analyzing my own food instead of just grabbing "quick & easy" micro frozen meal with 600 calories & 8 million carbs for lunch!
    It's so easy to just whip my together the same time I'm making them for Little Miss.
    Definitely easy enough to use John's containers or a Ziploc. Whatever works! Depending on what I take, they aren't always in an ELB. Like if it's soup or depending on the type of leftovers. :)

  3. I love all the colors in your lunch. I am a big preacher of eating a rainbow at every meal :)Nicely done

  4. Thanks Corey - I like that "a rainbow for every meal", so very true! :)


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