Wednesday, March 25, 2015

{Fancy Nancy} Book Character Dress-Up Day + Paris Theme Lunch!

For quite a few many years now, Little Miss has loved all things French and Paris themed.

It all started thanks to Fancy Nancy
She has almost the entire book series + now all the Nancy Clancy chapter books. Plus a couple Nancy dolls and board games. She loves her!

For her 8th Birthday she had a Fancy Nancy themed cupcake party. Then, this past Christmas, she got all new bedding and decor items for her room to create a Paris "Fancy" French theme in lieu of toys.

So, of course, when Book Character Dress-Up Day at school showed up on the calendar again, she knew exactly who she wanted to be! FANCY NANCY. And I absolutely had to make a fun themed school lunch to go with it!

What's great about the Fancy Nancy book series are not only the lessons taught in each book but the "fancy words". Each book features a few French words + other "big words" from the English vocabulary that describe all things extravagant!

Examples: Bonjour is hello in French, Elegant is fancy, Unique is one of a kind, Plume is feather in French, and so forth. She loves learning all her "fancy new words" from each story.

When it came time for lunch, it had to be a fun French theme! I had been wanting to do this for a while but just hadn't set aside the time. So I was glad this worked out perfectly with her costume!

I "stamped" her ham quesadilla (made using Udi's gluten/nut/soy/dairy free tortillas) with our Fred & Friends French Toast stamp. This was a fabulous gift my friend Margaret of MI Gluten Free Gal gave to Little Miss a while back. 

Since the toast stamps don't work as well on gluten free bread for toast, I treated it like a stamp instead by painting on some food safe color and stamping our tortilla. I then went over the lines with a toothpick to make them a little brighter. It turned out awesome! 

For the rest of the lunch, Little Miss has some organic cauliflower and broccoli florets with a poodle pick. I thought the broccoli looked like grass and the cauliflower reminded me of a poodles furry coat.

I used organic blueberries and apple slices to create the French flag, along with some carrot sticks and a fun bow cupcake ring she can wear after lunch. Totally goes with her outfit. ;) 

When I think France, I think croissants, baguettes, cheeses, grapes & wine. So I also added a few grass fed cow, organic cheese slices & grapes with an Eiffel Tower pick to eat them with. Again, our friends knowing Little Miss' love of "French things", my friend Sarah over at Bentoriffic sent me the poodle & Eiffel Tower pick (along with a few others) a couple years ago. We love them!

Oh, and lastly, a strawberry heart. All packed inside our Planetbox Rover container. When I showed her this morning, her jaw dropped and eyes got wide. She was so excited for her "fancy feast" of a lunch today!

Speaking of that 8th Birthday "Fancy Nancy" Cupcake Party I mentioned at the top of the post, here's a fun collage from it. Still one of my favorites! Sadly, the shop where we had it has since closed up. They sold yummy gluten & nut free cupcakes and had the most adorable shabby-chic decor.

To see our post from Book Character Dress-Up Day last year, click HERE



  1. Aw, thanks Keeley for the shout out!

  2. Your creativity is simply insane! I can't help but smile when ever I visit your blog. It's like Disneyland for food allergic foodies!


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