Friday, December 19, 2014

{Christmas Countdown} Advent Lunches 2014: Week 3

Twas' the week before Christmas and all through the days,
everyone was preparing for next weeks craze.

Wrapping had started - gifts under the tree,
And lunches were made with festive glee!

Friday marks only six days left on our countdown until Christmas. This week was also special because Hannukah began! Did you know there are 17 different ways to spell Hannukah? More on that below... 

On Monday, Little Miss had a gingerbread man sandwich made from Udi's gluten/nut/dairy/soy free bread. It was filled with SunButter sunflower seed spread & honey. The details on our gingerbread man were made with melted Enjoy Life Foods chocolate chips melted down and piped on.

She also had red seedless grapes, carrots, and a zucchini gingerbread man cutout. I also packed a sweet Lunchbox Love Note in her EasyLunchboxes container.

Tuesday with 9 days left, I kept it simple with two turkey & ham sammies on our Udi's GF bread with a Santa & reindeer cupcake ring in the center of each.

Also packed were snowman noses (carrots), candy cane apples, and two Kinnikinnick Foods gluten/dairy/nut free cookies (like an allergy friendly Oreo!) + a sweet Lunchbox Love Note in a Planetbox container.

I find a great deal of importance in teaching Little Miss about the religions of others - especially when it's close friends. I want her to be knowledgeable and respectful, as I would want them to be to us. 

Since there were 8 days left on Wednesday, it also marked the beginning of Hannukah - which is also 8 days. It was great getting to talk to her about it while we made lunch! Plus, we loved incorporating our Hannukah Lunch Box Love Notes in our EasyLunchboxes container.

She has a dreidel cutout from her SunButter & chocolate soy butter mixed sandwich. I put blue sprinkles in the center to look like the number eight. She also has grapes and carrots. I cut a slit into the top of one of the carrots and made the flame using yellow squash slice to look like a candle. 

Seven days left on Thursday, so I was inspired to make her a candy cane shaped & decorated pizza in her Planetbox container. We also packed yellow & orange carrot coins, candy cane apple slices, and meat dices. Oh, and some gluten & nut free Sixlets, as a treat.

"Oh Christmas Tree... Quesadilla Christmas Tree..." ;)
I seriously did sing that in my while making Friday's lunch with 6 countdown days left.

Lunch are ham & cheese quesadillas made using Udi's gluten/nut/dairy/soy free tortillas cut into tree shapes. There just happens to be 6 of them too. ;)

Also packed are apple dices, carrots, and a fun LunchBox Love Note in an EasyLunchboxes container.

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