Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Lunch Made Easy: Sandwich Cutter Kitty

A sandwich cutter and/or cookie cutter can go a long way when it comes to adding fun to lunch.

This sandwich might look detailed but with a simple cutter by CuteZCute, I was able to add some fun to an otherwise boring lunch.

As always, all our lunches are peanut free & tree nut free, as well as, gluten free & more:

The CuteZCute cutters let you make animal fun easily in your lunchbox. They also make a new Cuddle Palz set which I have for the new school year and can't wait to try.


Her sandwich is filled with SunButter and honey on gluten free bread. Also packed are PopChips, carrot sticks, and watermelon with a kitty food pick.

Making her sandwich took no time at all. 

A great way to ensure the facial features "stick" to the sandwich is by dabbing a bit of SunButter or honey onto the opposite side to act like "glue".



  1. Okay, I ordered the cutters, expect some frantic tweets if I get stuck on any steps! So cute!


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