Friday, July 25, 2014

Lunch Made Easy: SunButter + Apple Butter Quesadilla #GlutenFree #AllergyFriendly

Often times, when I can't sleep, you'll usually find me on Instagram at 3am with a cup of coffee and eating one of my favorite combos: A slice of gluten free toast topped with SunButter and Apple Butter.

Heck, I even top pancakes with this delicious duo.
Much like our SunButter & Honey Apple Sandwiches we make for lunch, there's something so magical about putting apples & sunflower seed spread together for the perfect nut-free bite.

I finally figured out a way to get my favorite pairing into my lunchbox. I didn't want to just do a traditional sandwich. No, this is so much better. My newest obsession... a SunButter + Apple Butter {Gluten Free} Quesadilla!

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A yummy lunch idea for work or school that takes just minutes to prepare. My kind of meal!

It's not rocket science: Spread on the SunButter, then the Apple Butter. For this particular lunch, I actually used my jar of Crockpot Apple Pumpkin Butter which kicked it up another notch. Win! 

I should also note that I used Udi's gluten, nut, dairy, & soy free tortillas.

Just heat a skillet on medium heat. Spray it with cooking spray. Then begin toasting off your quesadilla by allowing it took cook for a few minutes on each side.

Allow to cool before slicing.

The toasted outside of soft tortilla combined with these yummy fillings will make you wish you had made yourself an extra helping. Go ahead, I won't tell. 

I'm going to need to invest in a lot more tortillas after this one. So good. A great non-traditional sandwich idea!


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  1. Sounds like a great combo, and I love the idea of putting it in a "quesadilla." It may not be rocket science, but it's very creative! Thanks for sharing.

  2. What a cute idea! Great way to use tortillas and I never would have thought of putting it into a quesadilla!

  3. GREAT lunchbox idea! I always have homemade apple butter in the fridge, and I would think this would be amazing with my homemade GF flour tortillas, too. Thanks for the ideas!

  4. Nice! I'm going to have to make that crock pot apple pumpkin butter. Looks so creamy!

  5. What a quick and yummy idea! Thank you!

  6. This sounds like a great combination!

  7. Oh yum!! I like tortilla + sunbutter + chocolate chips, but apple pumpkin butter is much more healthier! ;)

  8. My kids would love this lunch!

  9. This is such a fun and creative alternative to a sandwich. I love the sunbutter+applebutter combo!


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