Monday, May 12, 2014

Lunch Made Easy: Food Allergy Awareness Week #TealTakeover

Yesterday began Food Allergy Awareness Week 2014 (May 11th through 17th). We have a BIG giveaway planned this week on, so stay tuned.

Monday is also #TealTakeover Day: Teal is the official color for Food Allergy Awareness and you can show your support today, and every day after, by wearing teal

Follow my #TealTakeOver board on Pinterest for tons of ideas on how you can incorporate teal into your life!

I decided to kick off the school week by making Little Miss a Food Allergy Awareness lunch, as well.

I made Little Miss an awareness ribbon and heart shaped sandwiches. To color them, I used a bit of cream cheese (this also works with non-dairy cream cheese) and a drop of food coloring whipped in. Then spread over top the sandwich.  

Also packed are heart shaped carrots and heart shaped watermelon bites packed in her teal lidded EasyLunchboxes container.

Stay tuned... This week we also have a fun giveaway planned to celebrate Food Allergy Awareness Week

Please go to to learn more. You can also download/ share the infographics from FARE to help spread awareness. #TealTakeover



Let me know your thoughts!

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