Monday, April 7, 2014

Lunch Made Easy: An Apple A Day...

Little Miss loves making SunButter & Honey Apple Sandwiches. So, I thought I'd make her an fun apple themed bento box to go with one of her favorite sammies for Monday's lunch.

School is on Spring Break, but she'll be enjoying this "apple a day" EasyLunchboxes lunch with her sitter. 

An apple shaped cookie cutter and SurfSweets Top 10 Allergen Free Gummy Worm is a simple way to add some allergy friendly fun to an otherwise plain looking sandwich:

As mentioned above, the sandwich is filled with SunButter, honey, and apple slices. You can read my previous post on making this sandwich by clicking here

We made it using Canyon Bakehouse gluten, nut, dairy, and soy free bread. Little Miss has been loving this bread! They just started carrying it at our local Target.

The worm is a SurfSweets Top 10 Allergen & Gluten Free Sour Gummy Worm. 

The other compartments are filled with carrots and the rest of her apple slices from her sandwich. I keep our apple slices from browning by soaking them in apple juice for a few minutes.    



  1. I use lemon juice for the anti-browning. Didn't realize apple juice works as well! Genius! Awesome cute lunch! I don't do allergy free but I love your posts! Come check out some of my lunches at


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