Friday, February 21, 2014

{Enjoy Life Foods Friday} Baked Chewy Bars Lunch Box Fun #GlutenFree #AllergyFriendly

I was deliciously looking forward to this month and our Enjoy Life Foods challenge. 

If you're been following along, we've partnered with Enjoy Life Foods and once a month we feature one of their yummy products lines. Little Miss and I do our best to come up with creative ways to use them in new and inventive recipes that are great for lunches and snacks. 

This month we're featuring their Baked Chewy Bars. Not only are they top allergy 8 free but gluten free, as well. 

We've been a long time fan of Enjoy Life's bars - Little Miss especially loves the Cocoa Loco variety - and have packed them in their "original bar state" over the years for both lunches and snacks. Now the task was to set a new bar ;) and find fun ways to use them differently!

The Baked Chewy Bars are available in four delicious flavors: SunButter Crunch, Caramel Apple, Mixed Berry, & Cocoa Loco. 

Each are packed full of essential vitamins and minerals and are perfectly portioned in 1 ounce bars. 

I love these bars. You will find one or two in my purse at all times. I know when we go out for the day, it's a great item to keep on hand when Little Miss or I get hungry and there's nothing safe around.  

Great for breakfast, lunch, or snack: Top your favorite non-dairy yogurt with fresh fruit. Then take an Enjoy Life Foods Mixed Berry Baked Chewy Bar and crumble it into small pieces. 

The bars so soft and will add a delicious granola/ cookie like texture to your yogurt creating this beautiful parfait! 

Pack it up for lunch in your favorite lunch container with a good ice pack for your kiddos or for yourself! Packed with protein and fresh fruit, it's the perfect compliment to your meal. 

As mentioned above, the bars are so soft not only do they crumble easily for a yogurt topping, but they can also easily be rolled into balls. 

Break the bar into four equal parts and roll into a ball gently with your hands. You can serve them as is, for a bite size treat, or follow one of these yummy ideas to kick them up a notch! 

For the Mixed Berry Bar, I dipped it in non-dairy strawberry yogurt and placed each ball on parchment paper.

For the SunButter Crunch Bar, I dipped each ball into 3 TB of melted Enjoy Life Foods Mini Chips (with a splash of coconut oil added) and placed each on parchment paper.  

They then went into the freezer to harden. Ta-Da! Yummy Baked & Dipped Bar Balls. The chocolate dipped balls will hold up, thanks to the added oil, for the lunch box. The yogurt ones will soften, those are best served as an at home lunch or snack, straight from the freezer.

Little Miss loves Applewiches for her school lunches. We usually fill them with SunButter and raisins, chocolate chips, or Enjoy Life granolas

I knew right away the Caramel Apple Baked Chewy Bars would be delicious in the center! 

I sliced my apples and cored the center with a mini cutter. Keep your apple slices from browning by soaking them in apple juice for a few minutes. I then slathered SunButter on each side and added a crumbled Enjoy Life Foods Caramel Apple Baked Chewy Bar in the center. 

It was like eating a caramel apple! Only in a delicious, nut free and fun non-bread sandwich form. ;)

As I mentioned in the beginning, Little Miss' favorite is the Cocoa Loco Bars. She'd probably eat one every single day, if I'd let her. 

If I'm being honest, I love them just as much. When I want a chocolate fix, it's a delicious treat. One thing I know is, we also love chocolate with bananas! 

I cut up a bar into four equal parts and gently flattened each piece with my hands a bit. Cutting a banana on the bias, I placed one slice in the middle and sandwiched them together. Press down on each piece slightly - don't worry the moisture from the banana will hold them together - making these bite size banana bits perfect for snacks or as a dessert at lunch time.

Find your favorite flavor and ENJOY!



  1. These look yummy, how did you keep the banana from browning? This snack looks wonderful, but wasnt sure how they hold up until lunchtime?

    1. Great question! The riper the banana, the quicker it will turn brown. A great way to prevent them from browning is to brush them with a little lemon juice or pineapple juice. Don't soak them, or they'll get soggy. I will sometimes dip a piece of paper towel in lemon juice and them brush the slices with the soaked end. I prefer using pineapple, just because I think the flavor is better on the banana - it's subtle, so don't worry, but that's why I prefer it to lemon.

    2. Thank you so much! Never knew that about pineapple, have always used lemon but pineapple sounds like a better choice to me as well, will give it a go. :)

  2. OK your ideas are just brilliant Keeley! Love them all!


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