Monday, December 9, 2013

{Christmas Countdown} Advent Lunches: Rudolph With Your Nose So Bright

Each year during our Advent Lunches {Christmas Countdown} there's always one day... one lunch... where I forget to include our countdown number inside before snapping a photo.
Tuesday's lunch would be this years culprit. lol
I didn't catch it until uploading the picture onto my laptop. So that means in the morning, I'll be writing it on the Lunchbox Love Note packed or right on the reindeer's belly on the pick included.
Oh by the way, 15 more days until Christmas! ;)

Little Miss' Rudolph & Christmas Tree sandwiches are filled with SunButter Natural & Don't Go Nuts Chocolate Soy Spread.

I made Rudolph by actually using my giraffe cutter, shortening its legs, and making the antlers from the crust scraps. They are "glued" to the EasyLunchbox with honey so they stay put.
Little Miss also has packed holly leaf watermelon cutouts and carrot sticks.


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