Thursday, December 19, 2013

{Christmas Countdown} Advent Lunches: 6 Geese & 5 Rings

Six geese a laying... five golden rings! 

I didn't blog last night so now you get a two for one post. ;) 
We have been counting down the days until Christmas with our Advent Lunches and when we hit twelve days left, Little Miss insisted we theme them with 12 Days of Christmas song. 

For Six Geese a Laying, I filled plastic Easter eggs (pictured above) with her lunch goodies: 

She had cheese bites, turkey roll-ups, and an Enjoy Life Soft Baked cookie packed in her eggs. Also packed were six carrot sticks and six watermelon Christmas tree cutouts.

We've actually done a Five Golden Rings lunch before... so I wanted to change it up! We made our golden rings from oven baked mini quiches. I cut circles out the middle to create rings. 

Also packed are carrot rings and apple rings in an EasyLunchboxes container.


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  1. I just want to whine about not being your daughter, Why can't I live next to you and be that annoying neighbor who bops over in search of food all the time?

    Hope your Holidays are lovely and you are enjoying a beautiful time with your family.


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