Monday, November 5, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: MOMables Monday - {How to Pack for School} Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

Today's MOMables Monday isn't some new fancy menu item. Instead it's basic fundamentals of packing healthy school lunches that I've learned from MOMables over the last year!

No matter what you put on your grilled sandwich or what kind of soup you want to pack, the same principles apply. Keep reading to learn how to keep your sandwich from getting soggy and your soup still warm at lunch hour!

Little Miss has a grilled cheese sandwich on Udi's gluten, dairy, nut, & soy free whole grain bread. When you pack a grilled sandwich, let it cool completely before packing inside your lunch container. This will keep it from getting soggy inside the lunch box!

If you follow along KMG Blog regularly, you'll see I do pack Little Miss grilled sammies every so often. This tip really works! No soggy sandwich complaints from my kiddo. :)

Little Miss also has a mini dipper container filled with pear dices and a cute little tomato pick fork to eat them with. Beside that are some baby carrots. In her thermos is her tomato soup. She loves dipping her grilled cheese sandwich into her soup! I love it too!

While you're warming your soup, fill your thermos with boiling water. I let mine sit with the lid tight for just a few minutes. This will heat the core of your thermos to help keep the yummy foods you pack inside warmer for a longer period.
After those few minutes, I dump the water and pack the soup inside. 

Now Little Miss has a delicious school lunch that I know will fill her tummy, so she can have productive day!



  1. Great ideas! I do cool my daughter's grilled cheese first and it works. How do you keep pear from browning? I'd love to know that trick :)

  2. This soup is my fav and you made it sound far more yummy. Perfect for winters.

  3. Noms! I see this in my daughters' futures.

  4. Hi Keely,
    What container is used here? Searching for a non stainless one like this. Thanks.


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