Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Lovely Lunchbox

I {heart} lunchboxes filled with love! ;)

Little Miss has half an Udi's whole grain gluten-free bagel topped with sauce, cheese, and pepperoni. I cut out the pepperoni into heart shapes (much like I did on this previous Luvin' Lunch post).

On top of a bed of red seedless grapes is half an apple with a heart cutout.

She also has carrot sticks and small lidded heart container (lid not pictured) containg two HomeFree vanilla mini crunch cookies.

No 'Lovely Lunchbox' could be complete without a Lunchbox Love note!

Lunch is packed in an EasyLunchBoxes container.



  1. I love this, so cute. Does your daughter eat it cold? I'm trying to get my daughters to eat more things cold in their lunch but they have some very definite ideas of what should be eaten cold. :). Your lunches are awesome!

    1. Thank you Jannette!! :)

      Yes - what I typically do is give a quick heat up/ retoast in the AM to give a little life back ;) she has no problem eating pizza cold or at room temperature. (I don't either, hehe!)

  2. Rebecca MartindaleTuesday, September 04, 2012

    How do you keep the color fresh on the apple?

  3. Aww love all of the love in this one! :D

  4. LOVE this lunch! get it? hahahaha

    I LOVE your blog and your recipes and YOU :) And for that reason I nominated you for the One Lovely Blog and Very Inspiring Blogger Award :) Check it out: http://creative-food.blogspot.com/2012/09/one-lovely-blog-very-inspiring-blogger.html


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