Monday, August 27, 2012

Lunch Made Easy: Back to School Bento - Second Grade!

My baby girl started second grade today! *sniff sniff*
I am putting an end to this: No more growing. Nope! She's not allowed. ;)

Today was only a half day but Tuesday will be there first full day so I made her a special Second Grade bento lunch to celebrate going back-to-school.

I decided to have a little fun by doing almost everything in two's.

Little Miss has a SunButter & honey sandwich on two slices of Udi's whole grain (gluten, dairy, nut, & soy free) bread. Her sandwich was cutout with our #2 cookie cutter from our Wilton ABC/123 Set.

Using two pieces of cheese, I hand cut the "n" and "d" so it would spell out "2nd" all together.
Below are two mini star marshmallows.

Above are two silly face picks; Each containing two red seedless grapes. Next to them are two strawberry heart halves.

Top left is a small container of dip, along with two pepper slices, two baby carrots, and two sugar snap peas.
The top right is a mixtures of two each of the following: BBQ Popchips, sea salt baked kettle chips, veggie straws, and veggie Pirate's Booty.

Lunch is packed in an EasyLunchBoxes container.


  1. Adorable first day lunch!!! :)

  2. ~Ever so cute...and a great idea to do everything in two's!

  3. Love this lunch! Hope your sweet girl had a great start to 2nd grade.

  4. What a wonderful meal to start second grade with! Thank you for linking this post to the Back to School Traditions link up.

  5. Cute idea - what did it look like when it was opened at school? ;)


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